Tuf-foot 8oz


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Specially made for the treatment of tender or sore pads.

Foot care is important wherever footwork is required. Old timers knew this foot and paw care secret. They learned that for outdoors, neither man nor beast could perform well as a “tenderfoot”. Today, the coach and/or trainer recognize this fact. They know that an athlete or a sporting animal, which does not have sound paws, and tough soles and pads with complete freedom of action, is at a distinct disadvantage.

Prepare and care for your dog’s feet to keep his paw and pads in the best condition. Tuf-Foot is ideal; for hunting dogs, working dogs, and all other dogs on the move. Tuf-foot even protects humans from blisters and toughens your feet, along with your animals.
Athletes have found great benefit from Tuf-Foot’s skin toughening properties.

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