Ready To Wear Harness XLge


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"X" Back race harness. Lightweight harness only available in black from our "ready to wear" stock. Ideal starter or training harness. Size guide: (all measurements are approximate)
Small Neck 21" and Length 21"
Med Neck 22" and Length 22"
Lge Neck 24" and Length 23"
XLge Neck 24" and Length 26"

Q. Why can’t I adjust the "X" Back harnesses to fit my dog?
A. The simple reasons are : Placing adjustment mechanisms, i.e., clips and fastenings within the harness, can cause abrasions to the dog. Invariably, adjusters can break and stretch, which means you are always putting the harness back to it’s original position before usage, and in the majority of cases, it just adds more weight to the harness. Some mushers are acutely aware of weight burden issues.

Recommended usage : Racing, Minor weight bearing exercise, CaniX.
Not recommended for use as a : Walking harness, Springer or Walky Dog attachment.