Mush – The Beginner’s Manual


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A Beginner’s Manual of Sled Dog Training – "REVISED EDITION".
Edited by Charlene G. LaBelle for the Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers, Inc.

The complete book of Sled Dog Racing, MUSH! is more thorough and reliable than any source of mushing wisdom. MUSH! is indespensable to anyone who is thinking about this exciting sport. Starting with basic considerations such as buying dogs and equipment. MUSH! leads the reader through every consideration. Training, riding, travelling, race strategy, and more are discussed and illustrated. The reader is present with step-by-step assistance and clearly drawn plans.
MUSH! will help you understand what it takes to be successful in sled dogging, and is designed to give the reader a book for quick reference. Mistakes will be avoided and success will come sooner. MUSH! could be that necessary link between the desire and the trophy.