Magura MT 2 Storm Disc Brake


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Where in the disc brake market can you find such a reliable, full hydraulic disc brake. Designed and manufactured in Germany.

TECHNICAL FEATURES : The MT2 braking system is a High Pressure braking system using 160mm discs, you are now getting a braking system comparable to the Louise, without the added cost. An open hydraulic disc brake system with integrated reservoir. Composite brake lever (master) with 2-finger aluminium lever blade and integrated reach adjust. Dual piston fixed caliper with automatic pad wear adjustment in a smart one-piece design for maximum stiffness. Pad wear can be checked without removal of the pads. Drilled SL rotor for improved cooling.

ADVICE TO MUSHERS : To protect your lever blades from excessive damage, (should you fall off, lose control or crash your rig) then lever blades should be tightened to the point where the brakes are useable but, it will allow them to move freely out of the way, or allowed to rotate on the handlebars.

Culpeppers offer a repair facility for all Magura braking systems, however, any warranty work, can only be undertaken by

Weight : 420gms/1.0lbs.

Colours : Brake lever and caliper matt black.

Note : Compatible with Int. Standard and Postmount

Guarantee : 5-year leakproof warranty after online registration at