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Canine Electrolyte Replacement – Energizer and Antioxidant
Prevents Heat Stress & Promotes Hydration. for all breeds and all ages. BECAUSE SOMETIMES WATER IS NOT ENOUGH !! Chicken flavour. 28.5gram Sachet Each sachet makes 2 Pints or 1 Quart.

Indications for Hydrolyte
. Post-Operative Care
. Convalescent Care
. Supportive Treatment of Diarrhoea
. Dogs Spending Time in Hot or Cold Environment
. Working Dogs
. Dogs Engaging in Prolonged Physical Activity
. Dogs with Limited Water Access
. Lactating Bitches

Hydrolyte Features

. Superior Palatability
. Convenience
. Cost Effective
. Easy to Reconstitute, Store, Dispense
. Ideal for: Travel, Working Dog Situations

Hydrolyte Benefits

. Replaces Fluids and Electrolytes Lost During Stress
. Promotes and Maintains Hydration Status
. Prevents Heat Stress
. Increases Fluid Palatability
. Increases Fluid Absorption (Hypotonic)
. Promotes Natural pH Balance
. Aids in : Tissue Repair, Immune Function, Nutrient Transport, Restoring Acid/Base Balance, Maintaining Normal Nerve and Muscle Function.

For more detailed information, please follow the Directions for Use, on the reverse of the sachet.

Hydrolyte is a unique electrolyte, antioxidant and energy replacement formula spawned from 10 years of research and observation made on hard working dogs. HYDROLYTE supplies extra antioxidants to combat the free-radical effects of enhanced oxygen consumption that occurs during all stress, especailly prolonged exercise. If your dog exercises, spends time in a hot or cold environment, is lactating or suffering from diarrhoea HYDROLYTE will help your dog maintain hydration and electrolyte balance. HYDROLYTE is the only electrolyte replacement formula in the market today that is designed to replace all of the major electrolytes…..not just salt and potassium.
In addition, HYDROLYTE promotes a natural pH balance and provides a readily available form of the fuel most needed by the brain, nerves and immune system. HYDROLYTE is designed to exactly mimic your dog’s own fluids. No other electrolyte solution can do what HYDROLYTE can for your dog, because no other product meets all your dogs needs as well, whether he is a weekend warrior or a well trained elite athlete. When you give your dog HYDROLYTE you are giving your dog the most complete electrolyte and energy replacement drink available. Show your best friend how much you care, help your dog to manage stress in his life with HYDROLYTE…..because sometimes water just isn’t enough.

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