Food Pets Die For – Ann N. Martin


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Ann Martin presents information that is eye-opening, and ground breaking in exposing the truth behind what is contained in many commercially produced pet foods. While the information contained in Food Pets Die For may appear controversial and will likely be dismissed by some, it is well-researched material.
-Shawn Messonnier,DVM,Author – The Natural Health Bible For Dogs And Cats.

Ann Martin’s expose reveals the shocking truth about commercial pet food. This book is a must-read for all pet owners truly interested in the health of their animals.
-Martin Zucker,Author – The Veterinarian’s Guide To Natural Remedies For Dogs.

Veterinarians should provide copies of this book for their clients, and everyone with a companion dog or cat should not be without it. Good nutrition is a cornerstone for health and disease prevention. Ann Martin documents how this cornerstone has been removed by the commercial pet food industry.
-Michael W Fox,Veterinarian & Bioethicist,Author – Eating With Conscience: The Bioethics Of Food.

This is the scariest book I’ve read, on commercial pet foods.

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Yet another nail in the coffin of commercial dog foods :