Dogs – Raymond and Lorna Coppinger


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A New Understanding of Canine Origin, Behaviour and Evolution.

"Probably the most important book about dogs ever written" –
Dr. Erich Klinghammer, Director, Wolf Park.

"Anyone with a dog should not be without this book" – Michael W. Fox, author of Understanding Your Dog and Beyond Evolution.

"This is a seminal work from surely the two most insightful and greatest scientific researchers in the field of canine behaviour since Konrad Lorenz. This book is absolutely essential reading for anyone who works with dogs, for anyone who breeds dogs and indeed, for any owners who want to know more about how their pet dogs came to share their lives. It will change the way you think about dogs for ever, and I guarantee that you will appreciate and understand them all the more as a result" – Dr. Peter Neville, Centre of Applied Pet Ethology.