Measuring for harnesses

How to Measure Your Dog For A Harness

Please tell us what type of dog you have, ie., Husky, Malamute,GSD, giving us a brief description of it’s build.

Please Note:

We retail Race & Weight- Pull harnesses in 10 different sizes, effectively an “off the peg harness” in accordance with our Equipment Price List. We feel confident that these sizes cater for the majority of dogs, offering and optimum fit, we are however, fully aware that there are some dogs which fall outside these sizes, and to that end we offer a made-to- measure service. In the event you are unsure of your dogs size, then please give measurement details of your dog following the notes below. We will then compare your measurements in relation to our colour size chart, and inform you of the optimum harness size for your dog. Should you not wish to accept our recommendation, and prefer the harness made to your specifications, a further charge will be made. Please list any further instructions you may have in the special instructions section below.

Important: If you are unsure that your measurements are correct then, always add a little to the measurement, I.e., 0.5″ or 1″. It’s always easier to take the harness in, rather than trying to make it bigger, when there is little or no material left to do anything.

Note: 1 When measuring the dogs neck, please give this measurement as half of it’s true size, I.e., “if the neck measures 30 inches in total” then please write above the Red coloured arrows 15 inches. Please note : some dogs heads are larger than their neck size.

Note: 2 This measurement should be taken from the back of the neck (Shoulder blades/Withers) and before the leading edge of the Breast Bone/Sternum.

Note: 3 This measurement should be taken from the leading edge of the Breastbone, to the trailing edge of the Breastbone.

Note: 4 This measurement should be taken from just in front of the Shoulder Blades/Withers, to the point at the base of the tail. (Please be advised, this measurement is very important when measuring for dogs, since a further 2 inches or more of line is added to this measurement to accommodate the Tail-line clip. Excessive length in this area can result in the clip hanging too far behind the dog, and as a result, the dog may struck in the testicles when running.

Whilst every effort is made to produce harnesses to the sizes you have detailed above, errors can and do occur, whether it be an error in the communications of the measurements, or an error in the manufacture. In the unlikely event an error has occurred in it’s manufacture, then we will replace the said item. If , after inspection, we find the error has occurred as a result of wrong measurements given by the customer, then we reserve the right not to replace or refund.

Disclaimer: We accept no responsibility or liability for the use and/or miss-use of our products